In a Nutshell

All organizations have experienced untimely breakdowns of their infrastructure that resulted directly into business disruption and losses.

Most breakdowns are due to neglect or inferior workmanship! This happens even if you do have a preventive maintenance plan and quality management system implemented. Even a good preventive maintenance plan and a good quality management system has got a weakness or loop hole. We specialise in this loop hole to compliment your existing preventive maintenance plan and
quality management system.

We offer you a solution with our next-level quality assurance approach by doing BREAKDOWN PREDICTION and reliability checks on equipment and infrastructure.

The bottom line is, we save you money directly by limiting unpredicted and unplanned breakdowns and thus the consequential losses incurred by these breakdowns. Losses in production time and possibly scrap as a direct result of the breakdown can be prevented using our service.

All businesses will gain the benefit from our service but manufacturing businesses have the most to gain as their risk is the biggest.

We apply measurable PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE principles on your infrastructure & equipment through RISK ANALYSIS and IMPROVE RELIABILITY based on objective and measurable evidence. This should be done periodically.

As an add-on service, we also do root cause analysis of failures, workmanship verification on installations, repairs, efficiency of equipment & processes, risk analysis, safety risks etc.

IRQA Certified Auditor

All inspections and audits are executed in accordance with the International Organization for Standardization

IRQA Certified Auditor (ENR-00850538)